Embrace all the Stitches ~ April 12-14, 2019 
A weekend  knitting experience in beautiful Kaslo, British Columbia

Workshop Synopses.

Friday afternoon.  Hand dyed yarn workshop with Susan Chamberlain

Hand painting yarn the fun way with easy to use acid dyes!

In this three hour workshop you will hand paint super wash merino sport weight yarn, using two different techniques, learn how to apply acid dyes safely and to create a yarn that is uniquely yours.

At the beginning of class there will be a brief introduction into the world of dyeing, a discussion of handling dyes safely and presentation of examples of hand dyed yarns and knitted samples.

Time to dive into the colour!

First technique: we will apply dyes to a cake of sport weight yarn with the goal of creating a gradient effect.  Using liquid, ready to use acid dyes, we paint our yarn cake using condiment squeeze bottles, working from the centre to the outside.  If we are careful, we will achieve a gradient effect.  This method gives us some control but be ready for some fun surprises when we re-skein the yarn.  

Second technique:  we will hand paint two 50 gram skeins of sport weight yarn to create a variegated yarn by dyeing across the skein in a controlled fashion.

This workshop is suitable to beginners and is not an in depth class on colour theory.  It is a great opportunity to try hand dyeing without purchasing expensive dyes and yarn.
All techniques will be demonstrated first to guide participants in achieving their goals.  No experience is necessary.

All materials will be provided including; a wide palette of acid dyes and superwash wool yarns that are ready to work with.

Saturday morning and afternoon ~ 6 hour workshop with Janet Armstrong

Success with Variegated Hand-dyed Yarns

Discover how to assess a hand-dyed yarn and predict how it will or will not pool.  Learn a few tricks to determine how it will behave before you even knit a stitch. Get ideas on how to use the yarn in projects large and small.  Participants will work with the yarn they’ve dyed in the previous day’s workshop.  The outcome will be a unique fingerless glove

Sunday morning ~ 2 hour workshop with Kathy Chapman

The Before and After Knitter

Discover the wonderful world of gauge & blocking and why they are so important to every knitting project.

Before knitting our project.  Finding our gauge.

   - why do a swatch

   - how to do a swatch.  For example: in pattern, different needles, etc

   - What the swatch will tell you?

          stitches and rows per 10 cm

          hand of the fabric

          how does it wash up

          other uses for your swatch such as ratio for bands

After the knitting is done.  Blocking our garments.

    - why block

   - how to block ie: steam, wet, spray, pins and bars, etc

    - what does it do for the piece?

This workshop will help you learn best practices for a greater chance of success in your knitting. 
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